InfoDynamics Metering

A deeper dive into customer needs and behaviours at Yurika Energy.

User Research

The scope was to improve the UI of this product which customers such as Woolworths use to access meterage data due to complaints about the current experience. I convinced the client that prior to make any changes to the UI, a deep dive of pain points and goals with customers was vital to the success of this work.


Eureka Energy




Retail Partners (Woolworths, KFC etc.)

My Role

Team Lead

How might we improve the experience of customers accessing and reading their usage metrics?


Based on the design thinking methodology, I proposed a plan to the product owner that started with onsite 1:1 user interviews with different customers to observe their interactions with the system in their daily work. As the lead on this project, I was assisted by a junior researcher and we visited users across several Australian states.

During the interviews, I encouraged users to walk me through a typical scenario while thinking aloud. At the end of each interview, I asked users to sketch their ideas on a piece of paper. A clear pattern emerged from the findings, indicating that a UI update would not solve their problems, and it would be a waste of product sponsor's money.

The findings from the interviews were synthesided into a report, including personas and recommendations, which gave the client a clear understanding of the types of users and their goals.

UX Canvas
UX Canvas
UX Canvas


By providing a deeper understanding of the users and their needs, the exercise allowed the product sponsor to reprioritise their program of work and shift their focus towards a more user-centric approach to improve their product.


Leena managed to take Yurika on a journey of realising that a simple redesign wasn't enough, getting the client to start imagining what the product could and should do into the future and hopefully helping us win a bigger project and more interesting work as a result!