Enhancing Team Engagement and Performance at Avanade

Role: QLD Location Lead


Avanade, a leading global professional services company, required a visionary leader to enhance the Brisbane UX team's performance and engagement. The challenge was to uplift engagement, staff morale, resource allocation and resolve conflicts while ensuring business expansion.


  • To boost team engagement and satisfaction.

  • To grow the UX team's capabilities and streamline operations.

  • To retain high-potential team members and mitigate flight risks.

  • To rebuild fractured relationships with other areas of the business specifically the sales team.

  • To find additional client work that the team would find engaging and fulfilling.

My Role:

As the QLD XD Lead, I oversaw a team of 11 designers (junior to manager level) and spearheaded initiatives to transform the work culture, focusing on mental well-being and professional development. I was also responsible for growing the UX footprint outside of our then one and only QLD client.


  • I started with enhancing my understanding of the current state of the design team by speaking to individuals and facilitating design thinking sessions with the team.

  • Came up with a vision for the team and key goals that included becoming a key partner for the sales team to work with on new proposals, boosting morale and building a sense of belonging within the team.

  • Implemented back to base days and team building events.

  • Found additional work for the team that enabled staff rotation to enhance job satisfaction and provide growth opportunities.

  • Recruited and developed designers.

  • Worked closely with the head of design to expand these initiatives to other states.


  • Established QLD as the location with the highest staff engagement levels across all Australian teams.

  • Successfully increased the Australian XD team engagement from 34% to 68% within an 18-month period.

  • Expanded the UX footprint in Brisbane during the Covid recession.

  • Enhanced the sales team's understanding of the role of UX.

  • Retain high-potential team members.


This case study demonstrates my capacity to cultivate an environment that supports mental well-being and fosters engagement. The ability to scale teams effectively during economic downturns further showcases my strategic approach to leadership in the field of UX design.