People Management at Avanade

Role: Experience Design Manager


In my role as Experience Design Manager at Avanade, a key challenge was keeping individuals engaged and aligning individual career trajectories with the company's strategic goals. I followed a leadership approach that would support personal development while meeting Avanade's vision.


  • To guide team members towards achieving personal growth and professional promotions.

  • To facilitate the management of a geographically dispersed team, ensuring effective communication and collaboration across different time zones.

  • To maintain high team morale and manage the complexities of client-related challenges.

My Role:

As a People Manager, my role extended beyond the conventional duties of oversight. I was responsible for nurturing my team's professional development, advocating for their career progression, and steering them through various client and career challenges.


  • Developed personalised plans with team members to define and reach their career goals.

  • Created detailed business cases for promotions, aligning individual achievements with Avanade’s strategic direction.

  • Conducted sensitive and difficult conversations, providing support and mentorship during professional lows.

  • Managed a diverse team of onshore and remote staff across multiple time zones, fostering a culture of inclusivity and open communication.

  • Encouraged staff to engage in activities outside their comfort zones to build their professional profiles.


  • Secured promotions for team members by linking their growth to the company’s objectives.

  • Managed team dynamics effectively, leading to enhanced engagement and a supportive work environment.

  • Provided tools and guidance for overcoming client-related obstacles, leading to stronger client relationships and improved project outcomes.

  • Observed a marked increase in team members contributing to UX thought leadership, enhancing Avanade's industry reputation.


The leadership and people management strategies implemented reflected a deep understanding of the nuances in managing a dispersed team. By focusing on individual empowerment and aligning it with the company's goals, I led the team to not only adapt to the challenges of remote collaboration but also to excel in their respective careers.