A new and improved customer experience on MyBupa (Desktop + Mobile).

Product Design

In order to maintain a competitive advantage, Bupa decided to release a new range of products onto the market called FLEXtras. In order to appeal to new customers, FLEXtras allows customers to choose their own 4 or 6 extras cover. We needed to ensure that existing customers had the ability to access FLEXtras by overhalling the change cover experience in MyBupa.






Existing Bupa Customers

My Role


How might we improve the change cover experience for existing customers?


I joined this project during the delivery phase as a fresh face in the private health industry which allowed me to provide recommendations that aren't necessarily obvious to those who have been in the industry for a long time.

Due to a tight delivery timeline user research wasn't conducted by the team in advance. I alleviated this by recommending user testing as a minimum prior to launch which was agreed upon.

After understanding the product, I conducted competitor analysis and explored how other industries solved common design problems. My ideas were then visualised to the team of developers, BAs and POs I worked with using low fidelity designs in Figma.

After several discussions and feedback from developers, I created two versions of the mobile and desktop prototypes that could be used for A/B testing with users.

I facilitated these usability testing sessions via Lookback with a range of users from different age brackets and circumstances to ensure we are designing for everyone.

Once this first round of usability testing was completed I presented a report to the stakeholders providing them with insights they weren't aware of.

The rest of this process was iterative design and two additional rounds of usability testing prior to launch. The System Usability Scale (SUS) questionnaire was incorporated into each round of usability testing, giving us a metric to track improvements over time.


We then kicked off co-design sessions with the users to where we worked together to whiteboard ideas into wireframes. These sessions resulted in a low fidelity a prototype was created in Figma to be tested with users who weren’t involved in the workshops to ensure that anyone can pick up the product and know how to use it. I used the System Usability Scale (SUS) to establish a quantitative benchmark to measure the usability of the product over time.

The visual designer was onboarded onto the project just in time to observe the usability testing sessions I facilitated so we could work together to iterate and test the new product.

UX Canvas
UX Canvas
UX Canvas


Leena! Thank you for being a UX gun and just jumping in wherever and whenever we needed you. You've been an absolute pleasure to work with and I hope our paths cross again in future. All the best and THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Bella Lynch, Bupa