Discovering prospective customer needs and pain points through user research.

User Research

Business stakeholders had a list of features that they wanted to release as part of phase 2 of improving the customer experience on Bupa.com.au. These features were yet to be validated with users, some of these features required drastic development.

I was initially asked to start designing the unvalidated list of features that the business had come up with, instead I convinced the business to allow me to do some user research to ensure they aren't wasting time and money on areas of little/no value to customers.






People shopping around for insurance including existing Bupa customers

My Role


How might we make it easier for customers to find and purchase private health insurance?


I decided to run 1:1 user discovery sessions to assess the current state of the product selection page on bupa.com.au. The 3 objectives of these sessions were to find out how users get to that page, pain points they experience interacting with it and does it deliver value to customers.

Askable was our recruitment platform where users from different age brackets and circumstances were chosen. I then facilitated these sessions using Lookback which enabled me to test both desktop and mobile experiences.

UX Canvas
UX Canvas
UX Canvas


Having these insights synthesised would give the business a backlog of improvements to implement straight from the customers.

My time at Bupa ended just before the final report was put together and presented to the wider business group.


Leena! You have been such a reliable, flexible, diligent and just generally amazing person to work with. Thanks for helping us kick off some much needed discovery work, thanks for being patient with us, thanks for all your great work.

Finn Proepper, Client and Design Lead at Bupa