Integrated Contractor Management

Improving the safety culture of contractors.

UX & Service Design

This program aimed to implement an inclusive approach to contractor management, with a focus on prioritising people's safety, including that of contractors. Unfortunately, BHP experienced nine fatalities since July 2014, with the last seven involving contractors. Investigations revealed common gaps in their management and engagement practices, prompting the need for this program






BHP Staff and Contractors

My Role


How might we build a more inclusive and respectful culture where everyone is treated and operates as one team – all while improving safety?

Through the implementation of this program, BHP aimed to enhance their long-term partnerships with contractors through the use of simple processes, tools, and systems. These include:

  • Contract Execution Plan (CEP): A plan co-developed by BHP and their vendor partners to outline their relationship, accountabilities, agreed ways of working, and to ensure the delivery of stronger performance and better cultural outcomes.

  • Vendor Management System (VMS): A tool that supports BHP and their partners to better plan, engage, and manage their contractors. This system serves as the source of truth for contractor data.

  • Scope of Work Library Resource Centre (SOWL): A resource center that provides support materials to assist BHP Contract Owners in developing improved scopes of work. This includes best practice examples, guidance notes, and training materials.


I was brought onto this program of work to co-lead alongside another designer and took ownership of improving the Contract Execution Plan (CEP) and Scope of Work Library (SOWL). We collaborated to develop a plan for enhancing the Vendor Management System (VMS), which was based on SAP FieldGlass.

My focus on CEP and SOWL involved improving business processes. To achieve this, I conducted a series of virtual workshops with users across several regions, including Singapore, Chile (with the assistance of a Spanish translator), the USA, and Canada. The workshops aimed to identify the current pain points experienced by users and establish a roadmap for future improvements.

To improve CEP, I developed a strategy for continuous improvement in collaboration with the OCM team. Representatives from the program would meet with vendors at specific checkpoints to gather feedback, and I provided the BHP team with a workshop guide containing various methods they could use during these 1-hour checkpoints to gather feedback.

UX Canvas
UX Canvas
UX Canvas


Given the limited customisations of the COTS product (SAP FieldGlass), our goal was to make positive changes to improve the user experience. To achieve this, we conducted regular user testing sessions using the same scenarios and used the System Usability Scale (SUS) to measure metrics over time.

To further enhance the user experience, we established a working relationship with SAP's UX team in the US, allowing us to provide feedback and recommendations for improvements. The team was receptive to our suggestions and implemented as many of our recommendations as possible, resulting in an improved experience for all customers using FieldGlass.

In addition to the above, I created user journeys and service blueprints for each persona involved in the program.