Event Management System

Streamline tracking and measuring Health, Safety and Environment metrics.

Product Design

The HSE team was transitioning to SAP Fiori where metrics would be captured then presented to senior leadership in SAP Analytics Cloud. SAP Fiori was chosen as a way to streamline processes and connect with existing HSE data sitting in SAP.






BHP Staff

My Role

Design Lead

How might we simplify the process of end of month HSE reporting?


I started this engagement by planning a 3 day workshop which involved business and technology stakeholders alongside end users. LUMA HCD methods were applied in this workshop beginning with "Rose, Thorn, Bud" to understand the current "Positives, Paint points and opportunities", each person was giving sticky notes and time to write down their ideas then present to ensure everyone had an equal voice.

Common themes were starting to emerge during these discussions which were then categorised using Affinity Clustering. We then used the "Visualise the vote" method to prioritise these ideas.

After ideating the workshop was split into 2 groups to commence the co-design process. The groups were giving time to sketch out ideas for the new tool then present to each other which showed similarities in each design as well as new ideas the other group hadn't thought of.

UX Canvas
UX Canvas
UX Canvas


After narrowing down on a design and making iterations, I created a clean wireframe in Figma which was iterated on further prior to the end of the workshop.

Creating a prototype was the next stage of the process which was user tested with both English and Spanish users prior to developer handover.


Leena very quickly hit the ground running with the Event Management project, taking the lead on workshop design in a tight time frame. She picked up technical Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) reporting concepts very quickly (which are not easy concepts to pick up) and worked collaboratively with the business representatives and technology Fiori developers to produce solid wireframes and prototypes. Her facilitation skills were strong and she worked well with the team to achieve the outcome set for the workshop and beyond as part of the UX design. Speaking with the business stakeholders, who have just completed their first reporting period using the new application they indicated that they were really impressed with the new application and it has made month end reporting both simpler and more efficient. Leena also very quickly stepped in to help with the SAC Dashboard design which has been a game changer for HSE. It’s been really well received by the business.

Kellie Bond, Project Sponsor